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Update on COVID-19

  • In the reception area, all the procedures of increased cleanliness, hygiene and regular disinfection are applied.
  • The hotel implements the necessary measures to maintain the necessary distances applying:
    • Appropriate distance marking in the waiting area
    • Proper arrangement of waiting furniture (chairs, sofa, armchairs, etc.)
  • In the reception area, special Plexi glass dividers have been installed
  • The staff avoids to shake hands
  • At the reception desk there are disinfectants for use by customers
  • Key cards are disinfected before each use
  • Check out time: until 11 a.m., check in at 3 p.m. for more thorough cleaning and disinfection of rooms.
  • It is forbidden for non-residents to enter the rooms.
  • We recommend to customers the use of credit cards to pay their bill and we recommend sending the invoice electronically
  • There is special equipment (medical kit) for the case of suspicious impact, such as gloves and disposable masks, antiseptics, cleaning wipes, apron, long-sleeved robe, laser thermometer.
  • Customers are advised to avoid using an elevator
    • Only those who live in the same room are allowed to enter the elevator at the same time
    • Elevator buttons are often disinfected

  • House The staff of housekeeping during the execution of the service has personal protective equipment
  • During a customer's stay, daily cleaning and changing of clothing and towels is avoided. These are done ONLY upon request
  • The gloves are disinfected by the staff before and after entering each room, by spraying with disinfectant solution.
  • The Mini bar will not have products, will be used as a refrigerator and will be offered to the customer upon arrival 2 bottles of water
  • Fabric decorative elements are removed from the room
  • When leaving a customer and before arriving at the new customer's room, the cleaning procedures:
    • The room is ventilated with natural air
    • Normal cleaning is applied in the room
    • Fabric surfaces (boozer) are disinfected with a steam cleaner
    • After cleaning, disinfection is applied with certified disinfectant chemical with special emphasis on the following points: knobs, remote controls, telephone device, switches, air conditioning control panels, hard metal surfaces, safe, kettle
    • The bathroom will be cleaned with equipment and cleaning items exclusively for this area, with disinfection at the following points: water taps, door / towel / tank handles, seat and cover caps, sinks, door buttons, buttons and switches
    • The fabric surfaces of the particle are disinfected with a steam cleaner
    • Depending on the occupancy, the room remains one day empty
  • Two cleaners enter the cleaning room. One undertakes the removal of the fabrics (towel sheets, etc.), which are placed in a special bag and the other the laying of the clean ones.
  • The carriages of the maids are disinfected after the transport of the closed bags with the linen

  • Used fabrics, bedding and towels are placed in special bags, bags, and transported by the service elevator to the laundry facilities.
  • The staff that deals with the sorting of dirt receives them with gloves and a mask.
  • The clothes are washed at 90 degrees
  • With other gloves and mask, the clean ones are received from the dryer and transported to the ironing board where they are stored.

  • The distances between employees in the kitchen are observed
  • It is not allowed to enter the kitchen area for those who do not have a job. In case this cannot be avoided, they personal protective equipment is provided to the visitor
  • The goods are received by the staff using personal protective equipment

  • At the entrance to the buffet, a hand sanitizer is provided to the customer
  • The distance of 2 meters is observed when serving customers in Buffet
  • A plexiglass protector is placed between the customer and the food
  • The buffet is served only by the catering staff, who wear the appropriate PPE (masks, gloves) and follow strict hygiene rules.
  • The use of shared utensils / dispenser items, automatic serving machines (coffee, juice, etc.) is done only by the catering staff.
  • Tables are located at certain distances from the law
  • Tablecloths have been removed and disposable placemats are used
  • Cutlery is placed in disposable cases
  • After the customer leaves the table, the dishes are removed from the staff and the table and the chair are being disinfected

  • towels are provided to customers covering the entire sunbed
  • After using a sunbed by customers, it is disinfected with steam
  • A maximum of 6 people are allowed in the pool at the same time
  • The bar counter and tables are often disinfected
  • The sunbeds are 2 meters per set
  • The measurement of chlorine residue in the water of swimming pools is done chromatographically by the DPD method (Diethylparafenylodiamine) and its value ranges between 0.4 and 0.7 mg / l. The residual chlorine value is 1- 3 mg / L